About me

I’m a postdoctoral researcher, studying dog cognition, who’s passionate about anything YA or MG — especially ones with a psychological/scientific slant. I also write non-fiction on various topics that interest me.

Check out:

Utopia mybook.to/Utopiabook

Sealed in a compound. Zia knows little about the outside world until she learns a dangerous secret, one that causes her to question everything. To survive, she must break out before she’s removed. In the son of an alcoholic Zia finds an unlikely kindred spirit, and together with his gang they plan their escape. But the greatest resistance will come from within.

Feline Cognition viewbook.at/FelineCognition

How smart is your cat? This book summarises the scientific evidence of cat intelligence, including areas in which they excel and others where they fall down – not literally of course! Suggestions are also provided for quick tests you can try at home to see how your cat performs.

Lucky, the mixed-up dog mybook.to/Lucky-dog

In the park, Lucky the puppy meets a range of different dog breeds, from an Irish Wolfhound to a Siberian Husky. Soon, Lucky realises that he doesn’t know what country he’s from, or what job he was bred to do. Join Lucky on his journey of self-discovery, where the best thing to be is yourself.

The Human Experiments series

In a world where not all men are created equal, Riley #0341 finds himself in the lowest ranks of society. Bred and raised to be a human subject in a medical experiment, his purpose in life is to die so that the rich have a better chance of living. However, one thing that the researchers cannot control for is the strength of the human spirit, and when Riley meets his genetically identical twin brother and a girl with cancer called Lacy, he finally has something to live for.


When a kind woman offers to let troubled troubled teen Janey stay with her, she can hardly believe her luck. However, as the days pass Janey becomes unwell and she discovers that the room has a dark past which often repeats itself.

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